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Yes , this product is also known as posture brace , back support , posture support , back posture support & so on .

The answer is “No” , every purchases of back support does not require any reference either to buy online , pharmacy or shop . However , any doubt you may ask to physiologist to get an explanation about it .

For everyone who has bad habits about their posture like (body slouching when standing , sitting , lifting object or rounded shoulder) .

Depending on the user , if you are already adaptable with correct posture without back support in your daily life .

Of course it effective , most back pain problems can be prevented in this way . Furthermore , back support is a part of training to strengthen your spinal muscles towards a good posture.

Although there are various types of back support in the market , but have the same function (straighten posture of the spine and prevent from back pain) by pulling the shoulders , back of the ribs and lower-body to keep it in parallel .

Back support only restricts critical body motion such as unobstructed torsion in order to prevent spine joint injuries or sprain .

The level of comfort depends on the design and materials used . However , our new back support sp3 comes with double comfort and durability with worthy price in line with high quality material .

The answer is “No” . Because scoliosis has a certain phases of need for a doctor’s examination first . Back support is just a preliminary precaution use .

Attractive design is not the best , as long as back support can meet the needs of users is well worth it .

Of course “Yes” , it’s not just about reducing back pain , but preventing back pain from happening again .

Back support is intended to reduce back pain of an employee at their work place , whether working in an office or outside the office .

Back pain symptoms are also various , you just have to get a doctor’s treatment to know whether your back pain is chronic or not . Besides , back support also suitable for all types of back pain .

Most back support can last for a year if you wear it every day . If you feel that the waistband grip starts to loose then it should be replace with a new one .

The new SP3 back support is designed for the comfort of the user so it does not seem awkward by the people around it . So , the answer is “Yes” you can do both .

Majority of bad posture and back pain problems occur in this group , but it does not mean that you are an ideal weight do not need to maintain a posture . Preferably everybody need back support .

Children’s spine are very soft , and this facilitates scoliosis from occur . The main cause of scoliosis happened is due to carrying heavy school bags everyday . Children are also encouraged to use back support .

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